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OnTrac Volunteer !

Brand new development.   Easy to use, does what you need it to do.   No do-it-yourself setup.

OnTrac Volunteer is so much better than the competition…  You’ll be amazed.


OnTrac Volunteer

  • Latest web technology, modern design/function
  • Clean, efficient, easy to use
  • Developed for our specific customers – designed around a retail store
  • Data stored on your local server – no access outside the building
  • Photos stored on local server shared drive
  • You control the changes – only what you need, nothing you don’t
  • One click Robust, In-Depth, Board–Pleasing reports
  • You have a copy of the software and are free to modify as you wish
  • Unlimited number of users
  • $950 once and done, (+$500 if you want us to convert your data)


  • 15 year old software
  • Cumbersome, overloaded pages
  • One size fits none
  • Data stored in the cloud – less security, hackable from anywhere in the world
  • Must upload photos to the cloud – time consuming and less secure
  • Updates based on hundreds of users’ needs
  • Tedious, manual process
  • What happens if they close the company?
  • Fees based on number of volunteers and users
  • $40/month forever, or until the rate increases