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OnTrac Donor – Donor Management System


Donor Management software that works the way you do. New development, using the latest web technology.   Not just a new face on old code. Because you have more important things to do than struggle with so-called customizable software.

Developed with direct input from our customers

OnTrac Donor is developed with direct input from our customers, in a sleek, modern, and easy to use environment. Our customers tell us we got it right. We don’t try to do everything, we focus on a few things that we do extremely well.

Wow…Where did you get this?

New clients ask us “Wow, where did you get this?” We proudly reply that as a small team, we write custom software for nonprofits, and we wrote every line. We have written OnTrac Donor for the way nonprofits do business today.

As volunteers, we realized that off the shelf software is “one size fits none”, and made it our goal to develop custom software to match each of our client’s specific needs.


Software That’s Simple and Smart
Elegant, Efficient, Easy to Learn

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