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Software Solutions:

Where do we go from here?”… that’s how our story begins.

The Client Database at a Crisis Assistance Agency crashes… this time permanently.

Volunteers at a Crisis Assistance NP can’t access client records.  The original developer is gone.  We’re volunteers too.  Recalling our IT experience, the Director of Client Services chooses us to develop a new Client Tracking system.  Working with staff and volunteers, the new system comes to life.  The volunteers LOVE the new system!  And so began the journey of JLS Consulting, seven years ago.

Our customers have similar issues –

  • Your database isn’t working the way you need it to…
  • Your current system is going away…
  • You don’t want to switch to a cloud subscription plan…
  • You need a new system, but you also need your current data converted…

We believe in what you do.  We want to help.  We have the skills… and a toolbox full of solutions.

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